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3 years ago
Why is her voice so fucking high pitched
Alexandra 3 years ago
Jesus, did she swallow a duck?
why she sound like that 3 years ago
why she sound like that
Jebac 3 years ago
She voice like pikachu
11yroldbeatingoff 3 years ago
Nigga wtf is wrong with her high ass fuckin voice
Brethd 3 years ago
Donald duck is that you
Donalds Ugly Ass 3 years ago
Hoo tf is this and why she sound like that can't wait to fuck a truck my lungagaganugy
DIO 3 years ago
Her voice was rather annoying, but I still make it through
Price 3 years ago
I would give a 200$ for 12hrs. Do she agree
3 years ago
she sounds like a fluttershy from my little pony :) which is not bad at all