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hottie lover 3 years ago
Leilani Lei is one of the hottest stars ever! She's proof that women don't have big tits to be sexy. My dick gets as hard as her nipples watching her. I'd love to fuck her.
Prince 3 years ago
She's fucking soo hot
2 years ago
She is one of the sexiest women in porn. Perfect body and gorgeous face. He pussy is amazing and I know I could eT Nd fuck it for hours. I love her.
Tomster44 3 years ago
She is A+
Anonymous 3 years ago
Love her nipples :) and now we know mom's secret to staying thin :)
2 years ago
I use to have a girlfriend with small tits but she was a fantastic fuck. She had big nipples & I loved to suck them. Our sessions use to last for ages & her husband had no idea she was being fucked by me. He worked away a lot so she use to come around to my apartment often spent the night there & then we would fuck in the morning as well. We only finished because they moved away but I do still see her on the odd occasion about 4 times a year & yes we do have sex & she is still amazing.
Jack 1 year ago
If my wife ain’t looking like this when she old I’m cheating
1 year ago
She looks just like my mother in law! I fucked her one night while we were drinking. I knew she wanted to fuck me, so while we were alone at the end of the night. I walked in front of her while she was up watching tv alone, and pulled my cock out in front of her. She didn’t say a word, she just grabbed my dick and started jerking and sucking me off! She brought me into the back house/garage, so no one would hear me plowing her. Good thing too, she was a loud one.
Sayad kondi 3 years ago
I am sex
2 years ago
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