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Scoop 5 years ago
Grandma getting in before the good Lord calls her home
Wow 6 years ago
It's so funny because at the the end you can tell she's such a sweet old lady.
Anon 6 years ago
76 is too old? A woman is never too old for some dick!
Tank 5 years ago
I love the loud scream when she comes ! Sounds like a pig at feeding time ..... what a whore.
Lmfao! 5 years ago
BBC all in yo gam gam.
Xxn 3 years ago
Honestly I was soooooo proud for her my young pussy throbbed for her. I was smiling whole way through
guest 5 years ago
Nastygranny 6 years ago
She been doing this all her life! Fucking with black dudes. But hey she is over 70 and still got it!
Mr. Xxx 8 years ago
I'd fuck her and I'm only 18
Jackets 3 years ago
Love this one. You can really tell they met before this video, they are so comfortable like an old married couple and really enjoy each other in bed naturally. Love it;)!